Coma coma chameleon…

A patient recovering from a serious head injury has reportedly found himself developing strange new powers. 

Reptile enthusiast Alan Thresh, 39, fell from a ladder and hit his head when clearing gutters at his home in Luton. 

After being placed in an induced coma for over a week, his recovery has brought with it some side effects. He said: “I’ve got a small collection of lizards at home and it sounds mad but ever since I got back from hospital, they’ve been responding to my every command. I’ve now got a gecko that rolls over and a bearded dragon that will fetch a stick.” 

Not everything about Alan’s new condition is good news, however. His powers bring with them a worrying new awareness of those around him. 

“It’s hard to explain, but since the accident I get reptilian ‘vibes’ off people in the street every now and then. They turn to look at me – it’s like they can sense me seeing them. 

“I never believed in all that David Icke stuff before I took a serious blow to the head…” 

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