Twin left stumped by bad ball

An identical twin has lodged a complaint with his insurance provider, blaming his brother for a crash that wrote off his Vauxhall Corsa — despite him being in a different county at the time. 

Mark Lowe, 23 of Peterborough, pictured left (or right) above, claims the accident was the result of the psychic ‘connection’ he has with his twin. 

“Ever since we were kids, Stephen (also 23) and I have been able to feel each other’s pain. We can tell if the other one is in danger or if something is wrong. We’ve always been very close like that. 

“Trouble is, Stephen’s not very considerate. He’s a sportsman and he’s reckless. He plays cricket at county level and half the time, he doesn’t even bother wearing a cup. You can guess what went wrong. You try taking a cricket ball to the bollocks when you’re doing 70 on the M6. 

“I’m telling you, you’re going to go in the back of someone. I was too busy crying and struggling to breathe to brake. 

“I shouldn’t lose my no claims bonus for that. It’s a travesty.” 

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